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Benefits of water Methanol Injection

Reduced Intake Air and Exhaust Gas Temperatures

Keep intake air temperatures low and increase oxygen density of air going into the engine. With water methanol injection, intake air temperatures can be reduced below ambient levels on a hot summer day. This in turn will keep exhaust gas temperatures low and minimize heat stress and heat soak. This can also increase tuning limits where EGT’s are the limiting factor in an engine. The water component of the mix plays a larger role in cooling because of the lower latent heat of evaporation as compared to methanol and will absorb more heat.

Increased Octane = More Available Power

Methanol is a higher octane fuel and has the ability to reduce post ignition detonation similar to ethanol fuels. Water methanol injection is a way to increase the fuel delivery capabilities and knock limits, thus increasing timing and boost limits.

Reduced Emissions

Methanol is a cleaner burning fuel as compared to petroleum based fuels. Spraying water methanol can increase the amount of available fuel or supplement the gasoline or diesel portion being utilized. The introduction of water methanol in the combustion process can reduce both CO2 and NOx.

Cost Effective and Easy Way to Increase Fueling and Temperature Limits

One of the most cost effective, easy, and least invasive methods of increasing fueling capabilities while also reducing temperatures with out any big engine upgrades.

What makes Wurst KÄse spray systems better?

Designed and tested to be the best spray system currently available.

With years of experience generating aerosols for toxicology and filtration research, which requires huge amounts of precisely sized droplets, we have developed a revolutionary new method of water methanol injection. The Wurst Käse spray systems are designed specifically for water methanol injection and tested to show a wide range of benefits.

  • Best atomization currently available to produce the smallest aerosol droplets which means :
    • Quicker evaporation and more efficient cooling
    • Better homogeneity of sprayed fuel resulting in equal delivery to different cylinders
    • Can be installed pre-turbo or where small droplets are REQUIRED
  • Better efficiency :
    • Uses up to HALF the amount of water methanol to get the same cooling characteristics
    • Spend less money on methanol
    • Last longer on the same tank or have the ability to run a smaller tank
    • Better atomization at low pressures which makes the most out of a variable flow system
  • Multiple flow curves for each nozzle :
    • Quick adjustment of flow makes tuning liquid delivery easier
    • One nozzle can be adjusted for a range of flow curves
    • Easier selection of nozzle size/diameter